Monday, December 14, 2009

The Costello Family

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I met with the Costello Family for pictures of the kids. Mom had initially been planning this as a surprise for her hubby, but then she broke down and told him. This gave me the opportunity to convince them to let me get some family shots too. I'm so glad they agreed! Have you ever seen so many BLUE eyes in one picture before?!? (Click on the image to enlarge.)

As I was uploading these to my blog, I realized that I have a lot of b&w favorites from this shoot. Dunno why...

LOVE this one! What happy faces.

Who needs a Christmas tree? Just decorate the kids!

Dad is one of the football coaches at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High. Mom had wanted to surprise him with pics of the kids in the stadium...then she realized we needed his keys in order for us to get INTO the stadium. :-) I really like the way this edit turned out. Sorta' reminds me of an antique athletic photo you might find at a flea market.

What dad wouldn't be proud to have this one on his desk? :-)

Go 'cats!

'One of the last shots of the afternoon. Soon after this, all four kids turned into pumpkins. :-)

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