Friday, October 23, 2009

"My" Country Lane

Ellie and I went to my favorite "country lane" today to scope out some good backdrops for a photo shoot I have on Sunday. When I told her what we were doing, she said she didn't want to have her picture taken. So I didn't fuss too much with her hair, since actually making it photo-worthy practically takes an Act of Congress these days! As luck would have it, once we got there, she decided to be a willing model. Go figure. I'm SO over thin, messy preschool hair!!!! Ugh. So just ignore the "crazy hair" in the following photos, please. :-)

Aside from my frustration over the hair issue, we had a fun time. Ellie was workin' it for the camera, and I got lots of good ideas for Sunday. 'Can't wait, Taylor girls!!!

Ellie was making me nervous when she was in the corn. She kept wanting to go further and further as if we were in a corn maze. You know, one with an actual end and people you can scream for if you get really lost?? I was, of course, focusing on following her, adjusting camera settings, and taking pictures. And in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "What if we can't find our way back?!?" :-) The rows curved enough that it was rather disorienting in there! Obviously, we got out safely, but it did make me nervous! :-)

(Don't forget, you can click on any image to view in full size.)

One of my two FAVORITES from the day! She's trying to make a bouquet out of soy beans...which have fuzzy pods! Did ya know? I didn't! There's my "something new" for the day!

"Now this is working better!" Grasses along the edge of the lane made a perfect bouquet for her to pretend she was getting married. :-)

I played around with the saturation and filters on this one...I kinda like it.

I asked Ellie to go up the small hill to where the red and orange leaves were, then turn around and skip back down the hill toward me. Turns out that although she can skip, it still takes a bit too much effort (and tongue-twisting) to look as natural and cute as I was hoping. :-) Oh well...

Jim and I both LOVE this one! This is a natural Ellie Smile!!!

And I like this one a lot too. Is it just me, or does this look a whole lot like my childhood pics?!? Anyone???

This one is also a "Typical Ellie" expression. It's a dead give away that she's goofin' around.

And like that, she was done. Headin' for the van (that I parked in a corn field). Notice the spunk, even from behind? She was jabbering away to herself in a high-pitched voice probably narrating some tale of going to dance class or getting her "little sister" ready for school or just talking to her friend, "Toolie"...who knows! :-)

What a character, this one! It turned out to be a very good Mommy-Ellie day today. We were certainly due... :-) See? The miracles a camera can work!


  1. I LOVE the skipping/tongue picture! How cute!

  2. cute pics and it looks like a good location!