Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mid-Winter Luncheon

We got about two inches of snow here on Wednesday. Ellie went outside with me to help
me "shovel" the driveway and sidewalk. She insisted upon taking a scarf outside for the HUGE snowman we were going to make...with the super powdery two inches. I helped her make a small snowball which she rolled around the front yard for about five minutes. It never got any bigger. Then she carried it up to the front porch and wrapped the scarf around it. :) We've since been referring to the now-empty scarf on the front porch as Snowball Man. We're expecting 7-10" this weekend; hopefully the scarf will get a proper snowman...

After making Snowball Man and shoveling our neighbors' driveway and sidewalk as well, we headed inside for lunch. Ellie insisted that we each wear a scarf during lunch, and she also sported a knit hat. Although the below picture suggests that we were experiencing heating problems, the truth is that we were simply exploring the depths of the coat closet! One can never be too accessorized for a lovely mid-winter luncheon. :)

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