Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Big Night of...Disappointment!

Ben has been so looking forward to this evening for weeks now! It was to be the evening of his first tee ball practice! He was even home sick from school yesterday and bound and determined to feel better by today so as not to miss this momentous occasion! :) We pulled in 10 minutes before practice time to discover that we were the only ones there and that the field looked like a war zone. A quick call confirmed my hunch; practice had been canceled until next Monday. Somehow, we missed out on the latest e-mail notification. Ben was really bummed, but Jim and I were so proud of how he handled himself. His eyes didn't even "leak" he always says! :)

I think Ben was partly content just to be wearing his new cleats. They are so tiny and cute!

LOVE this next pic of The Cleats and the toothless grin. :)

We ended up staying at the park for about half and hour. Ben ran around the battle ground...uh, I mean ball field, pretending to hit, run the bases, pitch, slide, etc. He did a very thorough job of breaking in his cleats, if nothing else...

He was so excited when he "found" home base. You would have thought we were having an egg hunt or something!

Ellie enjoyed playing on the tot lot that is adjacent to the ball field. Later, she also joined her brother's game of imaginary battle field baseball.

Check out the hat. I'm thinkin' Cousin Lily will be getting a hand-me-down cap soon...and we'll be hunting for a new one. :)

All in all, 'twas a fun evening even though it wasn't what we were expecting. Stay tuned. You can be sure that I'll be posting pics from the "second-first practice" next Monday!!!!

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