Monday, March 15, 2010

Lions and Lambs

Everyone stop griping about the dreary rain of the past few days! It could be worse...remember the SNOW?!?!?

Look what I never posted! I was too lazy to even edit or crop, so here's the good ole' raw version. :) This was supposed to be a cute picture of the kids in front of our almost-completely-buried lamp post. It ended up being a lesson in why one has to be careful about where one places his snowy gloves. Oh, the shrieking that followed. :) Plus, interestingly enough, Benjamin actually looks like he's two years older than Ellie in this pic! I think he was workin' the slope of the driveway and Ellie's adverse reaction to an ear full of snow.

This shot was taken after I finished growling at them..."Just stop for one minute and come over here to pose together. Someday you will want a picture of you in all this snow! I swear I'm not going to take a ton...blah, blah, blah..." At least they have good "fake" genuine smiles... :)

Keep those chins up, folks. Not too many more "lion" days left. Ellie assures me that tomorrow will most definitely be a "lamb" day.

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