Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easter Day...a month later!

I know I left my Easter post hanging, so here's the rest of the holiday in pictures.

Easter morning, the kids were thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny had brought them each a new bike helmet as well as baskets full of candy. He hid plastic eggs and some real eggs for them to find. He also had given them each a bunch of dry erase markers, thinking that they are now old enough for such "art" supplies. AND the Bunny apparently used those markers to leave the kids a message on their dry erase board thanking them for the snacks they had left him. :)

Now, weeks later, I can say that the Easter Bunny was WAY off. Those darn dry erase markers STAIN! I mean, seriously stain. WHAT was that Bunny thinking?!?!?

After the egg hunt and testing out at least one of each type of candy, we headed for Mass and then to Gram and Poppy's house. I just love this outtake of the girls together! These two sweet little things in their gorgeous Easter clothes...with hideous looks on their faces! Just makes me laugh!

They were waiting for someone to con Colin, my 20-month-old nephew, into a good mood. He wanted no parts of me and my camera that day! Alas there are NO pics of all four grandchildren in their Easter finery... sigh...

Finally, after waiting for a while and with no "Happy Colin" in sight, even my "loyal subjects" (ha!) escaped!!!

I was able to wrangle Master Benjamin back over to get some pictures of him with his sport coat. This is one of my favorites of him. Notice the new watch? Thanks, Easter Bunny. :)

And then I did THIS to myself. I told Ben to give me his "Mr. Cool" look. And THIS is what I got. Yeah... Not quite what I was going for, but very "6-year-old Boy," don't ya think?

This next one of Ellie is one of my all-time favorites. :)

This was as decent of a shot as Colin would allow me to have that day... What a hip little cutie pie in his pink shirt and striped pants.

I have a handful of pictures very similar to this one of my sister's kids. We had to bribe each of them with some interesting toy to hold, but by this point we simply wanted a shot to catalog the holiday, what they looked like, and what they wore. We were SO past trying to get a cute shot of them!!!! :) I think this one is a cool shot of Caroline's hair, though. WHO does that with a three-year-old's hair?!? Oh, right. My sister. :) She makes fancy look so "easy." :)

I just had to include this lovely shot of Caroline's swinging form. Cracks me up... I don't know how she stays on!

Ben took ALL of his tee ball and lacrosse equipment with him just in case there was a chance to play. Not bad form, eh?

Colin had to get in on the action, too, of course!

Notice Colin's keeper, a.k.a. Poppy, is wearing Colin's hat? And Ben's apparently tossing the tee ball and getting ready to hit the lacrosse ball that Colin left on the tee. Too funny!

What a fun weekend we had from beginning to end! Thank goodness the boys were both home from school again on Monday! We needed the day to recuperate and get back into the school frame of mind!

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  1. I was wondering if the Easter Bunny liked the banana or not!