Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From Baltimore to Berlin!

My Aunt Mary and Uncle John have seven children ranging in Life from "married for almost 4 years" to "just finishing fifth grade." They asked me to drive down and take pictures of the whole crew a few weeks ago in advance of their oldest son and his wife's move to Berlin, Germany. By some miracle, I was actually completely free on the day that everyone would be home, and we had ourselves a grand old time taking LOTS of pictures.

I think this is my absolute favorite of the entire family. I just love all of the interaction and personality that was captured.

Here are the Trueschler Men...

...and the sisters...

...and the Proud Parents.

Best wishes, Brian and Joella, on your move to Berlin in just two weeks!!!! We will all miss you greatly.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Good luck, Bryan and Joella!
    Love you!
    Mom/Aunt Peggy