Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is Emma. Don't you just love those big brown eyes?!?

She has been my most faithful model (aside from my own kids :) since she was born last August. She has let me practice my photography skills on her time and time again. This past August (yes, as in THREE months ago!), her mommy and I got together for Emma's 1st Birthday photos.

These are the shots I captured as she explored her very first cupcake EVER.

After a timid start, Emma very quickly discovered just how tasty cupcakes are. Just look how hard she is shoving it into her mouth, below! She had her mommy and me in stitches!

Time out to savor...

My favorite from the shoot...

An unexpected gem captured while Mommy was wiping her down from her cupcake shoot... So Sweet! Happy 15 months, Emma! :)

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