Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ben's Baseball Advise

We took Ben to get his first real baseball glove this morning. He's SO into playing catch with Daddy right now! With his new glove on, he almost visibly "puffs" up. He has a twinkle in his eye, keeps his feet moving, and gets so proud of himself when he has a good string of successful throws and catches.

This evening, as I was cleaning up from dinner, Jim was out on the screened-in porch helping Ben to "teach" Ellie how to throw and catch with her new "little kid" pink and purple glove. (You knew we couldn't have gotten away with just buying one, right?!?) As I was finishing up, I heard Jim come into the family room saying in a strained voice, "Let's go in here and sit down for a minute, guys." He had taken one in the...well, you know. The kids were concerned, and he managed to stammer out a few confirmations that he was just hurt and would be fine. They both asked, "Was it me?"

Jim answered, "Yes, Ben. It was you."

Ben's response was simply and calmly, "You have to keep your eye on the pitches..." Perhaps we should steer him toward team management instead of playing...

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