Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ben's Latest Rationale for Getting a Pet

We have a cat. An old cat that likes no one except me. The kids have no real idea of what having a pet is like. But like seemingly every elementary-aged child, the desire to have a pet has sunken in and grabbed a hold of Benjamin.

He mostly fixates on reptiles and birds. (Huh. Not a very good combination as I look at it in type...) He is forever trying to catch a bird with his bare hands. Whenever the mood strikes (which is often), he will go running full speed toward any unsuspecting bird in his line of site. Then he gets disappointed when it flies away! He genuinely believes that one of these times, he's gonna catch one to take home as a pet!!!! Oh, but he'd settle for one from the pet store, too.

As far as reptiles go, he'd be very happy with a turtle or a lizard. (Not over my dead body!!!)

Other pertinent side information: Benjamin LOVES berries, especially raspberries and strawberries.

And this is where today's revelation picks up.

Ben and Ellie were watching Diego this morning. The show was about saving an iguana, I suppose. Ben came running to find me before the show was over to tell me that we need to get an iguana because...are you ready for this???? "They eat strawberries and then the seeds come out in their poop. And then the seeds grow more strawberries!"

What more could a boy want?!? A cool reptile for a pet, AND constant replenishment of the strawberry supply!!!!! (Thank you very much, Diego!)

Again, one of those times when an appropriate response somehow eluded me...

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  1. ha ha ha... so funny... i am always entertained when i read your blog!!