Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Deed is Done!

We went this afternoon to find glasses for Ellie. She was very nervous, so I actually broke my rule and allowed her to take Blankie into the store with us. I figured anything that would help the process to go smoothly was worth it! I'm not entirely sure what she was nervous about, but she definitely was! I had, of course, gone through the whole explanation - we're just trying on glasses to see which ones we like...nothing is going to hurt...we're not going to take them home today... Who knows what it was, but I certainly was worried about how I was going to turn the whole situation around if it started to head south! Thankfully, she warmed up quickly!

Here is the first pair that Ellie picked out to try on. She LOVED them, because they didn't have any lenses in them. She called them the "unglasses." Gorgeous, aren't they? ...and just her size!

Another hysterical outtake... Makes me think of that blockbuster hit, "The Librarian Who Ate Manhattan."

Once we narrowed it down to about four pair, we went over to a desk to have a "fashion show," as Ellie called it. She greatly enjoyed hamming it up for herself in the mirror!

And here's the winning pair...not a great front view...gotta love the "I'm so proud of myself" smile. See the little flowers on the side? When people ask her what color her new glasses are, she says, "They have flowers!" :-)

Despite the fact that Ellie asked numerous times to get "the ones that were already made," we will have to wait about a week for her new glasses to be ready. :-) She seems...excited? Nah...more like...accepting. We'll see how accepting she is in a few weeks.

Why is it that I already foresee some behavior modification in my future for the summer? Sticker rewards for every 1/2 day that we leave our glasses on? Heavy praising? And of course we ALL know that I'll have to do the same with my son, who already does well with his glasses!!! Nothing like a sister's behavior modification to bring about a brother's regression, eh?!? Ahh, the games we play...

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