Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Happened...

After three and a half successful months, my fear finally came true - and it DID have to do with the sandbox!!!! From the time Benjamin got his glasses, I just knew I would go outside one afternoon and find them lying face down in the sand. Well...in his defense, they weren't in the sandbox...just next to it in the grass.

The kids had been playing by themselves for about 20 minutes or so while worked on laundry. I went out to help them plant some watermelon seeds that Ben had been pestering (I mean, reminding!) me about. As I called to them to come help me, Ben stepped out of the sandbox and said,"But first, where are my glasses?" It wasn't the actual question that made time freeze, it was the helpless way that he was looking down scanning a large section of grass.

Within a few seconds, he found them saying, "Oh, here they are!" I was at his side when he picked them up...only to discover that they had been quite obviously stepped on! I remained rather calm. This type of thing was bound to happen. Heck, he's only five! I pointed out that this is the very reason that leaving his glasses on a chair or the ground/floor is not a good idea. He then very calmly explained to me how it couldn't possibly have been him who stepped on them, since they were lying "there" and he knew for sure that he had walked "here."

So, as luck would have it, he has a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow. We'll be swinging by Total Visioncare first to get the glasses...adjusted. Yep, that's a nice way to put it... I honestly dunno if they'll be able to fix them while we wait. Guess we'll find out!

Something tells me that the next time this type of thing happens, I may not be quite so calm. ...and watch out for the time after that...and the time after that...

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