Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pool Time!

Our first swim of the season was Saturday evening at the Zetters' house. We went there for the annual Percussion Picnic. Their pool is heated, so despite the heavily shaded backyard, the water temp was 84 degrees!!! Now that's do-able!

Ellie was so excited about getting to wear her new "tutu-y" bathing suit!!! She also couldn't wait to see what kind of bathing suit Brianna (her 16-yr-old babysitter) would have. She thought for sure that hers would have a tutu as well. Mmmmmm...I don't think so. :-)

Ben jumped in without hesitation and was very independent. He's gonna take off this year in the water! Ellie took a few minutes to remember that she loves to swim, and then she was fine too. The kids were going off the diving board, paddling back and forth, jumping in from the sides... Poor Daddy got quite a work-out!

I'm lovin' the genuine Daddy smile here...

Serious Benjamin braves the open waters. He was so comfortable in the pool! He's now tall enough to stand in the shallow end, and he even decided to ditch the swimmies after a while!

Here's a RARE great one of least I think so...

The kids (and Jim) slept VERY well. In fact, Ellie didn't get up until 8:20 this morning!!! (She usually rises around 6.) Someone warn the Zetters that we'll be back tomorrow. :-)

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