Sunday, July 26, 2009


The clean up is coming along slowly but surely... There have been very few things that we've had to throw out; however, we're still holding our breath on whether or not the carpet can be salvaged. We have two de-humidifiers and three fans running constantly. Then, every so often, one of us stops all of the sorting and re-organizing to run the carpet shampoo-er again.

Anyway, I still haven't allowed myself to edit any pictures from the beach yet - what with a house FULL of other much more pressing issues. :-) But I do want to share a quick tale from the beach before I head to bed.

We spent last week in a large and gorgeous beach house on Brigantine Island with 12 other members of (or close relations to) the Weaver Family. Jim's Aunt Dottie (one of our family's best assets :-) has such a special way of being close to and loving each and every child in the family. She manages to spend little bits of quiet time with the little ones, individually, and prides herself in knowing each of them intimately.

One afternoon, Ellie and she were finishing up their lunches (and surprisingly none of the other 14 people were around!). Well, I was a few feet away in the kitchen listening to their conversation, but that doesn't count... :-) Anyway, Aunt Dottie said to Ellie, "Do you know how beautiful you are? Has anyone ever told you that before?"

Ellie smiled, cocked her head to side and answered with a twinkle in her eye,"Well. Ummm....some me... 'cute'..."

Right she is!

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  1. love this... it made me smile!! Hope to see u tomorrow morning!