Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Seventh of July!

So here's the update on the rest of our Fourth! The kids napped in preparation for the fireworks, we ate dinner, and then headed outside to roast marshmallows...over the gas grill! Is it just me, or is that rather "redneck" of us?!? :-) Perhaps, we'll have to look into buying a fire pit... Jim didn't want me to post this shot, but I just think it's too funny not to share!!! We learned this technique of marshmallow roasting at WVU in Survival Skills 101.

Ellie is always apprehensive about "new" things...even sugar on a stick! Once she got acquainted with the roasted marshmallow, it didn't have a prayer, though! :-)

This next one is sort of American Gothic-esque, don't you think???

And after the Marshmallow Feast, we showered the kiddos, dressed in warm layers for the chilly night, and headed to the fireworks. We were originally planning to go to Harrisburg's "official" fireworks presentation on Sunday night, but then I got the "brilliant" idea to attend the fireworks at the conclusion of the Senators Game (minor league baseball) on City Island on the 4th instead. Jim was on board, because it seemed that these fireworks would not draw as much of a crowd as the "official" ones on the 5th. The major problem with this plan was that these fireworks began at the conclusion of the ball game, not at dusk. And this was one slow game.

The fireworks began around 10:15. I'm not kidding.

The kids loved them. We sat just outside the stadium and had a great view! There were many other people there, too, but not throngs. It was pleasant and festive. (And late. Did I mention that part?) Jim even threw out the idea of actually attending the game next year and staying for the fireworks. During the display, our efforts and frazzled nerves felt well worth it.

Then the fireworks concluded, and it was time to leave...with everyone else from the ball game and the Music Fest on Front Street! We each carried a child (while power-walking) to the other side of the island to our van that was strategically backed into a slot in the parking garage. We pulled out quickly...and went about 5 car-lengths before coming to a complete standstill. And there we sat, in that same spot, for oh...at least half an hour.

As the minutes ticked by, the "glamorous" idea of going to next year's game on the 4th seemed less and less appealing. Ellie quickly fell asleep; however, Benjamin put up a valiant fight by asking another round of 50 or more questions before finally succumbing to sleep himself. The traffic finally began to move and we inched closer to home. Once we were again on the West Shore (of the Susquehanna River...out-of-towners always think this terminology is SO funny! :-), it was smooth sailing back to our beds. Everyone was tucked in for the night by 11:45...and up and bouncing by 7:20 the next morning.

So my "brilliant" idea was, perhaps, not so. Me thinks next year we will try watching the "official" fireworks from a park on the West Shore that overlooks the river. This holiday event may take some trial and error to perfect...

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