Monday, March 23, 2009


Answer #1: Jim figured out what
was causing me so much trouble uploading to my blog! It was our security system. So now, I just have to go in and disable some various aspects of it before blogging (and remember to re-able them when I'm done) and I'm set!!! Just to prove it, here are two pics from our neighborhood park that each only took ONE try to upload! Yippee!!!!

Okay, so now all I have to do is work on my technique...I can't seem to get my typing to go up there next to Ellie's picture. :-) Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I typed first and added pictures later? I'll work on that...

Answer #2: That foamy stuff in yesterday's picture is old muffling foam that was once glued around the perimeter of a marching band drum head. Yep, Ben found those pieces in the band truck last year while helping to load equipment before a football game (a.k.a. - riding the lift up and down while the pit dads load the truck). In my mind, they (the pieces of foam) rate in the "Disgusting" category somewhere between stale bread and large, creepy insects. They are the type of thing that has sort of a double standard - no big deal in their "natural environment" of the band truck but somehow suddenly icky when in my son's bedroom! Nonetheless, Ben has foiled my plans to throw away his muffling foam many times. To him, they are somehow worthy of the "Prized Possessions" category.

And finally the Quote of the Day, well actually of Saturday:

In response to my dad (Poppy) being silly, Benjamin said, "Poppy, you're ridiculous! That's Spanish for fun."

Here's wishing you a ridiculous Tuesday!!!


  1. Funny!! love the quote, gabby just said the other day after asking for sketchers shoes for a few days, "you know mom sketchers is spanish for sneakers"... uh no gabby it isnt... ha ha!! Glad you figured out the problem with the uploading... what a pain!!


  2. I am just loving your blog they are extremely "ridiculous" :)Its fun to be able to see what you guys are up to! Sarah was talking to us at the dinner table last night and she said "do you guys know why I love Thanksgiving so much?" of course we were curious and come to find out its all because Uncle Jim is so cool and plays garbage can games with them :D

    Love you guys,