Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Tease

It was wonderful to get outside for most of the afternoon today. I did some serious pruning - I remembered to prune the butterfly bushes without being reminded! My Aunt Pat will be SO proud. :-) The kids played in the sandbox and spent time trying to send me into heart failure while climbing "Daddy's tree," the largest of four pines in our backyard.

Benjamin is quite an accomplished climber and can make it in excess of 20 feet straight UP even with flip-flops on, as he demonstrated last summer while "helping Daddy to grill dinner." Today, I was watching rather closely, since Ellie suddenly desired to follow him UP. She did quite well and wasn't too irritated that I wouldn't let her go more than a few feet above my head.

Of course, as many of you have probably already imagined, the Control Freak in me was interspersing my praise with the litany of climbing Rules and Regulations that were swirling through my head! :-) Now I have something new to add to my list of Things to Worry About. Go figure.

For some odd reason, I didn't think to take my camera outside until late this afternoon. I didn't capture anything blog-worthy. Ben was sitting on the patio wall and coaching/cheering for Ellie as she practiced hitting a baseball off the tee. 'Twas a pretty cute scenario, but I didn't do a good job catching it on camera.

Instead, here are some pics that I took at our neighborhood park during our last warm spell.

Okay. Forget the pics!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T get the darn things to upload!!! Even Jim can't figure out what's going wrong, and he's our resident IT. So hopefully he'll have some more time this weekend to dissect the computer and get this little kink ironed out...if I don't throw the whole thing across the living room and into the dress-up bin before then!

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