Monday, March 30, 2009

Ben, Bed, and Bunnies

When Benjamin wants to surprise us with something, he usually plays it really cool and yells, "Don't come in here, okay?"

So this morning, when he yelled to us, we had a pretty good idea that he was making his own bed - completely by himself for the first time ever. When we were told to "Come in and see!!!" we were quite thrilled, and Ben was SO proud of himself. He gave us each a huge high five and was all smiles. We did have to stifle our chuckles, though, at the number of animals stacked on the bed and the positions in which they were posed, especially Ponder, the frog. :-)

This afternoon, we started working on Easter pins to give to the kids' teachers and grandmothers. As I opened the package, I realized that it was marked 'Ages 6+.' Oops. They really did pretty well. The only part of the project that screams "under-developed fine motor skills" is the "straight" black pen line that is to be drawn down from the bunny's nose. On one of them, Ben accidentally put a black mark on the nose. This inspired him to make another nostril! Anyone wanna place their order for an Easter Bunny-Pig pin??? We have the materials to make up to ten!!!


  1. His room is SO cute! --chris f

  2. Great job Ben - so proud of you!

  3. That's my Angel Boy!