Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dinner Out

So what do you do when Daddy teaches all day, has musical rehearsal after school until 6, then goes straight to Indoor Percussion rehearsal until 8:45, and doesn't return home until after 9:30? You pack a picnic dinner and go to him!

We trekked through the rain in the busy (and scary) high school parking lot, noticed (but didn't step in!!!) every mud puddle, squeaked our shoes ALL the way down the loooong hall, and then snuck very quietly into musical rehearsal. The kids enjoyed the 20 minutes or so that we were there. Ellie was thrilled by the company dance number that they rehearsed a few times. And I'm sure it's not too hard to imagine that Benjamin spent the entire time asking questions that involved the word "Whhhhhyyyyyyy?" It's his favorite word in the English language. "Why did she say that?" "Why are they doing it again?" "Why did they leave?" "Why are the lights changing?"
And to think that on the car ride over, he actually wanted to know WHY I thought he wasn't old enough to sit through the entire production. ...maybe cuz Mommy (and every other adult within ear shot) would run screaming before we got to intermission!!! :-)

"There's Daddy. Can you see him? Where? No, not on the stage. Down in the pit with the violins. Do you see him? Where? In the green shirt. He's waving. Do you see him now? Oh! There he is!!" ...and THAT'S the abbreviated version!

So Daddy left rehearsal at 5:30, and we had a nice quiet family dinner in the music office...with Brian, Dustin, Brad, and countless percussion students who needed Daddy for one thing or another.

When the pit started warming up at 6, Ben and Ellie spent some time doing their favorite band room activity...hiding in storage cabinets. Finally I had my camera to catch it! It always reminds me of the pet store, personally.

Time to leave! Oh wait, Mommy! We haven't tried this one out today...

Not a traditional "dinner out," but if nothing else, we did get some good "face time" with Daddy, and the kiddos were nice and tired when we returned home for bed!


  1. i love this whole post... you are so funny!!

  2. I"m glad I was able to be part of a Weaver family dinner!!!

  3. great post! very entertaining. love your blog.