Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Actress for Hire!

Corinne is a Cumberland Valley High School senior with big dreams! She is planning to go to college for musical drama. Only thing is that the two schools she has her sites (and heart) set on are "big money" schools. Of course, these days, what school isn't, right? :-) ...and did I mention that she's the second of five children?!? Yeah...so when her mom contacted me about taking head shots for Corinne's college applications, I knew she was gonna have to really work it in front of the camera! How do you make a head shot say "Accept me and give me a huge scholarship!"? :-)

Here are some of my favorites from our session. The serious look...

Who wouldn't DIE for eyes like this?!?

My personal favorite...but maybe not quite a traditional head shot.

Oh, and I made her be my guinea pig while I had her there. :-) I've always wanted to use those cool entry walls at Messiah College in some photos! Any of my high school friends reminded of Kristen when you look at this shot???

This one says "classy lady" to me - love the natural smile!

When I asked her what her favorite role was that she has played, she drew a blank! She did say that last year she got to wear a fat suit in Les Mis...too funny!

This one may be a little "relaxed" for a head shot but it's an awesome picture of her being her.

Another cool one...

As we finished the session, I asked her to look into the camera and give me her best "Give me a $50,000 Scholarship" smile. This is what I got. Don't you just feel the yearning?!? "The force is strong with this one." :-) Sorry. Star Wars quote...couldn't help myself! :-)

Good luck, Corinne! I can't wait to see your name in lights, girl!! I'll definitely have you sign one of your prints for me, so when you're famous I can have legitimate claim to knowing you when...

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  1. awesome shots! I actually like the 5th one down the best. She's a beautiful girl and those eyes are amazing!!