Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Beach Dresses"

Last night, we went to Ellie's preschool Open House to meet her new teacher. Of course, when we returned, both kids were ravenous. Surprise, surprise. Anything to put off going to bed, right? :-) So I sat with them at the kitchen table while they ate apples. I used the time to get started on filling out Ellie's paperwork. Then it sort of turned into a game. I would ask her the questions, and she was greatly enjoying telling me the answers.

"Ellie, what's your full name?" "What's your address?" "When's your birthday?"

Then we got to, "Does your child have any speech problems?" Now this is laughable, because Ellie started talking in complete sentences at about 10 months and hasn't shut up since! So I asked, just to see what her response would be, "Do you have any speech problems?" As I'm writing "no," Ellie launches into a dissertation about how she fell off her boogie board two times at the beach.

Mommy Brain automatically switches into overdrive...processing....processing...Ah ha!

"No Ellie. Not beach problems. Speech problems, you know problems talking??"

This tale is only rivaled by her 3 year check-up at the doctor's last winter. The doctor asked me if there were any stresses at home. Ellie interrupted, "Oh yes! We have lots. A pink one, a Cinderella one..."

"No Ellie, not dresses. Stresses...things that make you unhappy or upset. Please tell the nice doctor that we don't have any of those..."

As I always say, never a dull moment with this one!

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