Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, it was Ellie's Turn!

Ellie finally got to join the ranks of 2009-2010 school students this week! She attended a 2 1/2 year-old program last year and loved it. In fact, when I picked her up after the first day last year, her teacher told me that she'd like to hire Ellie as a substitute. :-)

Sending her this year was a no-brainer, but waiting for her class to start was painful! Ben had a 9 day head start on her, so by Tuesday morning, when it was finally her first day, the child could hardly stand herself any longer! Of course, Ben gets on the bus at 7:15, and Ellie's class doesn't start until 9:00. It was an excruciating hour and half before we could leave!

I finally allowed her to head out to the van at about 8:30, and we dilly-dallied in the front yard taking some pictures to eat up a few more minutes. These are the first pictures that I have posted that were taken with my NEW CAMERA!!!!!! Yep! I've been saving up for almost a year, and I'm now the proud owner of a D90! Woo hoo!!! Wish I could say that the transition was an easy one. Let's just say I'm learning... :-) Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a good point 'n shoot, I have a used Sony Cybershot to sell. It's less than 2 years old... Uh! I digress. Back to Ellie's first day!

When we went out to take pictures, Ellie ran for her favorite dance spot - the fiber optic "box" next to the mailboxes. She thinks it's her own private dance stage. I love it when she runs over there to "tap dance" and sing to herself as if the entire street can't see her!

How's this for a nice, traditional First Day of School pose? :-) Cute, at least...

Stacy, you say your Brooklyn has problems looking at the camera? Yeah, well I totally feel your pain, sister! :-) This is SUCH a typical Ellie shot! Cute, yet not even remotely looking in the right direction! Argh!!!

I like how this one turned out...

But these next two are my FAVORITES!!!

Then, of course, we hit a wall. Enough was enough! She was done posing, and it was time to get in the van!!!!

Ellie was one of the first two students to arrive at school. Here she is, eagerly waiting for the classroom door to open with her best buddy, Julia. Notice the school shoes that they picked out? The exact same style, just in different colors. Too funny!

And after Ellie went skipping into class, I drove back home to pick up my dear neighbor friend, Kay. She and I do breakfast at the Cracker Barrel once a month when the kids are in school. I love listening to her tales of raising her three children and the loving memories she has of her husband. Sometimes, we'll grab one of her many photo albums from her numerous trips around the world, and take it along to breakfast. It's always fun to see her light up and listen to her remember the details of her adventures!

I finally remembered to get a picture of the two of us together. It's not a great one...we'll have to try again. :-)

After our breakfast, I dropped Kay back at home in time to turn around and pick Ellie up from her big First Day! Needless to say, she was just as excited to leave again this morning for Day #2. We're seriously going to have to find something to do between 7:15 and 8:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays...perhaps early morning grocery shopping?


  1. yay for ellie... love her outfit!!! xoxo

  2. so glad that she finally got her day for school. I could only imagine the anticipation of waiting for it to start. Adorable pictures! Darn eye contact. So glad that my frustrations aren't alone with that issue. Love her poses and that b&w by the tree. And that is so awesome of you to take your neighbor to breakfast. And I think that's a great picture of you two.

  3. My Ellen was "born to go to school"! I'm sure she will have a terrific year.