Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A couple more pics...AND a new Pennlive post

Here are a few more pictures from Hersheypark that I didn't share on my Pennlive blog. The friends that we hung with for the day were the "other" Weavers, but I didn't want to offer their pics up for "consumption" by the general public. Our kids are good friends from preschool - the big brothers were in class together last year as were the little sisters.

This one just cracks me up! This is the girls on the scrambler. Julia is as tiny as Ellie is...not. Here's a demonstration of why centrifugal force should always be feared. :-)

This is a shot of the kids playing the "Raise Your Hand If..." game. This game is certain to grab the attention of young children and calm/defuse almost any situation. You simply make statements like, "Raise your hand if you had fun at Hersheypark today." "Raise your hand if you had ice cream ." Etc, etc... Of course, when Beth plays with our four, she always ends with "Raise your hand if your last name is Weaver." :-)

And finally, a cute shot of four really tired kiddos.

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  1. Love the happiness on their faces in all of these pictures!