Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alien at the Park

Last week, my mom and I took the kids to the Hershey Outlets to do some back-to-school shopping. We bribed the kids with a trip to Hershey's Chocolate World after the outlets if they were well-behaved. We bribed ourselves with a packed lunch to eat in the shade at the outlet playground while the kids ran off their pent up energy between stores.

My goals were modest. I wanted to make it to (and purchase things in) OshKosh and Carter's. That was it. We succeeded at both but only by the skin of our teeth. There were tears, stubborn attitudes, an emergency trip to the restroom (on the other side of the outlets!), way too much goofiness, and numerous idle threats made of "taking away" the trip to Chocolate World. All in all, a nice normal shopping trip with young children, right?!?

After finishing up at OshKosh, we tossed the bag in the van, grabbed the cooler, and headed for the playground. As we got nearer, Ellie was excited to see that below the slides, there were large molded plastic "boards" with characters drawn on them. Children could stand behind them and put their hands and faces through the holes to "be" either an alien or ...huh....whatever the other one was.

The cartoon-ish alien had spiky hair on its head. This prompted Ellie to repeatedly announce in a rather loud voice, "I wanna be the horny man. Can I be the horny man? I like the horny man!"

Snickers were audible from all adults within ear-shot. We made multiple efforts to correct her, but nothing stuck. Innocence is so adorable...

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  1. HIlarious! I am going to say that phrase to myself whenever I need a chuckle.

    Ah yes, shopping for children. I had the pleasure yesterday-- I finally insisted that my 7 year old start wearing something besides sweat pants. He put on jeans and looked INSTANT TEENAGER! It was a time warp. I had three of the four-- I will sum it up this way: We survived.

    "I wanna be the horny man!" :-)

    That has made my day. --chris f