Friday, August 28, 2009

Megan and Brian...

So I conned some friends of ours into letting me practice my photography skills on them a few weeks ago. They were pregnant with their first child, and I was more than thrilled when they agreed to let me photograph them!

We met at Messiah College to take pictures. Megan was excited by the meaningfulness of the site, since they had their wedding pictures taken there just a few summers before.

When I called the afternoon of the shoot to confirm that we were still on, Megan informed me that she had been having contractions for 13 hours already! (Her due date wasn't for another 8 days.) But she was adamant that she wanted maternity pictures! Soooooo, we went ahead with the session, and Brian and I made her promise she'd let us know when she needed to stop or take a break.

Here are a few of my favorite shots...

See the Mommy-Daddy-hand-heart?!? :-) I love it!!!

I just had to take a picture of the Contraction Journal that Brian was carrying around. Not only does it have every contraction logged, but the elapsed time between contractions is also noted. Too cute!

Brian is an Apple technology guru. He lives and dies by his i-phone. (Sorry to be so blunt, Brian. But you know it's true!) This of course was posed, but I'm sure it's a pretty realistic impression of how things went in the birthing room!

LOVE this one of Megan! She was so agreeable (and flexible) for a woman 9 months pregnant AND in labor!!!

This pose is much like one of their favorites from their wedding prints...of course now with a bit more belly...

One of the phrases that I would say the most was, "Okay, now kiss." By the end, Brian would precede every kiss with some grand gesture or lunge. He's too funny. I have many pics of Megan half-smiling or laughing at him. So cute!

We finished up their session in a light rain. You'd never know it from this shot, though!

We shot for 45 minutes without a single contraction, and then she had another as soon as she got into the car to leave! She and Brian went from there to dinner, then directly to the hospital. Little Emma Elizabeth was born the next day! Talk about the ultimate in maternity photos. We captured some of the last few hours of maternity!

Infant pics to follow...


  1. Becky!

    These are great. Congrats to the couple on the birth of their daughter. And what a beautiful name.

  2. the last one is my favorite, they seem so in love!! :)