Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sensation of the Day..., raw banana bread batter oozing through my bare toes. I dunno what I expected when I allowed Ellie to play the role of Scraper Girl. Ben went to get me a rag (which was too wet) and then attempted to wipe off my foot for me. So sweet... My entire foot was then nicely covered in a thin film of batter. This led to him having banana bread batter on his shoulder and knee. Of course it did, right?!?

No wonder I carefully contemplate each and every baking activity with the kids before I even utter a word. Do I have ALL of the ingredients? Am I sure? Am I in the right frame of mind? Are the kids in the right mood? Do we have the TIME? Will I be able to let each child help equally? What did I ever do with all of this Brain Power before children???

All in all, the Banana Bread Episode was a positive one. I didn't yell (at all!), no one cried, and the bread turned out great! There is still a thin haze of flour on the kitchen floor, but hey...that just adds texture, right?!?

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