Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby and BUGS!!!!

I was so excited to take pictures of Little Emma. We were very lucky to be able to take them just outside Megan and Brian's apartment in an area that backed up to the woods. The obvious downside to this location on a late Summer evening is the BUGS! I can't even begin to tell you how many bug bites I had all over my body!!!!! There were even numerous pictures out of which I had to edit bugs actively feeding on Megan or Brian. Luckily, Little Emma was completely untouched! Anyone know the science behind that?!?

Here's the new family!

Snuggling in Daddy's arms...

I absolutely love this shot. I think it may be because it reminds me of a picture of myself as an infant staring over my father's shoulder...

What's not to love about baby expressions?!?

This one looks to me like it needs the caption, "Look what we found!"

Can anyone tell how exactly we know Brian and Megan from this next shot? :-) Brian was super excited to try to get some pics of Emma on his drum. The only problem was that Emma was not very obliging. She did not sleep at all while I was there, and thus did not tolerate the cool, hard drum head very well. We got just a few, and we'll have to try again another time when she's sleeping. In the meantime, this shot seems to be keeping Daddy happy...

I just LOVE Brian's and Emma's expressions in this one! Too funny!!!

And finally, this is my FAVORITE from the session. Love it, love it, love it!

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