Monday, August 10, 2009

MORE Beach...

And now, on with the vacation!

My daughter is not...slender. Although she has thinned out QUITE a bit since her first year of life, she is still anything but slim. :-) And it seems that the two new bathing suits (and a pack of underwear) I bought this spring don't accommodate her "trunk" very well. Thankfully the various hands that sun-screened her throughout our vacation did a thorough job, or we could have had a crispy back side to deal with. The picture below pretty much depicts how she wore those two new suits day in and day out. ...and it was always the right side, too! Go figure.

Heh, in a few short years I'd die before I would post a picture of my daughter's back side on my blog. Now, it's just...cute. :-)

One afternoon we went miniature golfing on Brigantine. The course isn't much to look at, but it's perfect for us right now - close, not too crowded, inexpensive.

Here's a cute one of Corey awaiting her turn on a rock...

The last few holes on this course have stages...uh, I mean large rocks in the center of the greens. This is perfect for those of us who are accompanied by pre-schoolers who are totally DONE playing mini golf and would rather dance! The game can go on around them and they're not in the way in the least!!!

Benjamin has some foot problems stemming from his Psoriatic Arthritis. Mainly he just has serious foot pain after lots of activity. Of course, this is subdued when he wears good, supportive shoes. Try selling this to a five-year-old who is in LOVE with his flip-flops. :-)

After a round of mini golf (in flip-flops), apparently his feet required an immediate examination...

Huh. And go figure. Apparently, something hurts! I told you so! I told you so! I told you so... Oh! I'm such an unloving mother!

I just love this picture of the girls. Don't you feel like you're listening in on an intimate chat? So cute!

The new house that we stayed in this year has its living quarters on the third floor. The balcony off of the living room makes for terrific birds eye view shots! :-)

Pop-Pop was deemed the grillmeister (HA! Spell check suggested drillmaster! :-) for the week. A full grill, eh? By my count, there are 30 pieces of meat! ...and this is how you know that there is certainly no more room at the inn!

Finally, a picture of Lily! I don't tend to take many pictures around the house when we're at the beach. And as I mentioned before, we never got to see Lily on the beach. By all accounts, she liked it, but as a result I have only this picture of her from the entire week!!!!! Yikes!

On a positive note, she and I bonded while at the beach house. I think she learned quickly that she could get what she wanted through her Aunt Becky, so I became one of her "go-to" people. And I didn't mind one bit!!

Here's Little Miss Lily and her mommy smiling for Crazy Aunt Becky on the third floor balcony with her camera again. :-)

I think I'll be able to finish the beach tales in one more post. Stay tuned...

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