Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Promised...

I have finally begun an organized edit of my beach pictures! (In no way does that mean that our basement is back to normal, but it's well on it's way...)

Here are some of my favorites from Bethany Beach, DE with the Joneses...

Ellie "jumping" waves with Daddy. It's always best to put a good 5 or 6 feet between your toes and the surf; you can never be too safe!:-)

This is a favorite beach activity of both kids, although Benjamin has begun to outgrow it. He's more into scaring his grandmother to death by braving the surf on his own! He likes to venture out right to wear the waves break, as if he's tempting fate. Sometimes, fate wins...

He made us chuckle with his exaggerated "hip thrust." We told him that when a big wave comes, it can't knock you around as easily if you lean into it with your hip instead of taking it in the stomach. His version of this was much cuter!

After taking wave after wave, then laughing and jumping around between "hits," it's no wonder that he looked like this for the majority of our beach stay! (click on pic to enlarge and get a better feel for the...texture, shall we say...)

Once, when I asked him if he was ready to take a break and have a snack, he said, "Yeah...but my mouth as all 'chompy.'" :-) Mmm...wonder why...

When he wasn't getting beaten about by the waves, he was collecting rocks on the beach. Bethany doesn't have good sea shells, but they do have cool little beach rocks!

Jim and I both agreed the collecting process was quite calming, addictive, and also maddening! In typical fashion, when you micro-focus for a period of time, and then allow yourself to look up at the entire beach and how many little tiny pieces of rock there are around you, the "big picture" is enough to make your head spin! :-)

The video-taping daddies...a must on any family vacation, right? :-)

And my last shot to share on this post is of my nephew, Colin. He was 11 months old at the beach. During the one week we were there, he started walking, saying a few new words, and discovered eyelashes. :-) As babies at this age tend to do rather well, he fixated on Sarah's eyelashes one day while on the beach and apparently made it his Life Mission to remove them from her eyelids!!! He could not be distracted or "talked down." The whole scenario was hysterical! Just look at the concentration on his little face!!! Poor Sarah put up with this for a good five minutes or so. I don't remember what finally saved her from Colin's relentless picking. After this first episode, the "relapses" didn't last quite as long. :-)

More to come...

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  1. Oh, how the pictures make me smile! What terrific memories!