Monday, August 3, 2009

Today's Edits

Sorry, boys. But you know I had to post this! Ben got "flower" swim trunks this year and was so excited to wear them at the same time Daddy wore his. Then we remembered that Uncle Mike has flower shorts too. Ben was beyond thrilled! What loving men we have in our family...

Notice the lack of clean skin surface from the waist down? And this was probably one of her cleanlier days! Don't you just feel my pain come shower time?!?

Stick a fork in her! Caroline's DONE. And this one is most definitely NOT a cuddler, so red flags went up when she actually put her head down on her daddy's shoulder.

Look at those cute little sandy piggies!

The house where we stay while in Bethany is on a little cul de sac with five other houses. Ben took to wandering from one house to another, weeding their gardens for them. I'm not kidding! Everyone's dream neighbor, right? He then began riding Caroline's tricycle from house to house and stashing all of the weeds in the "trunk." By the end of the week, he would yell in from the porch, "Mommy, I'm going on another Weed Walk!" And off he would pedal...yeah, it was more of a Weed Ride, but we didn't split hairs...

I wanted to take some more formal photos of the kids in one of the town's gardens that was very close to the house. The only problem was that I was determined to do it later in the evening. This turned out to be MUCH to close to Colin's bedtime. :-) Still, I think this one is sorta cute...

The girls...

See what I mean? Poor guy! The other three didn't seem to be too rattled by his crying, though. Perhaps it had something to do with the lollipops in their hands...

My sweet Caroline.

The serious way to eat a fun lollipop.

And my FAVORITE of the entire week...thus far. :-)


  1. Whoa check out Jim!!!! He must know the secret to Six Pack Abs!!!

  2. Those are the MOST beautiful children!!!!

  3. Great pix Becky! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us ;-) I've really enjoyed reading all about it.