Friday, April 24, 2009

CRAZY Friday!

Today was one of those crazy Fridays to which I've alluded before.

9:30 - Ellie's first trip to the dentist...oh, and Ben's 5th? too

Ellie was super excited, mainly because I said she could wear a gown! I actually had to get stern with her last night at bedtime when she kept wanting to get back out of bed, so the two of us could discuss what, in her closet, she would like to wear to go to the dentist. I'm not kidding!

Ben was a great big brother this morning, being a model patient and demonstrating exactly how it's all done. The hygienist even let him push the buttons on the chair when it was Ellie's turn. Here he is waiting (with his button-pushing finger) out while the hygienist enters Ellie's info into the computer.

Ben's big news from this morning is that 2 of his 6-year molars are already in, and the other two are very much on their way. He's quite proud of this - he's not even 5 1/2 yet, BUT he has some 6-year-old teeth!!! :-) The dentist says that some of his bottom teeth are starting to get loose, too. Where has my little baby gone?!?

10:20 - After our dental visit, we made a "quick" trip to the grocery store. I'm not even going to elaborate...wasn't our worst trip ever by far, but it absolutely amazes me that even "quick" trips can take some 15 minutes or more with two children in tow!!!!!

Then we headed home to change into park clothes, pack a lunch, and throw the bikes in the van.

11:30 - We met some friends at Friendship Park and ate, played, biked for about 2 hours. This is my most favorite picture from the afternoon! Morgan was paying peek-a-boo between her mommy's legs with another mommy. She kept saying, in that cute little "just-becoming-fluent" voice, "I see you." She's just too cute!

1:30 - We headed home again after the park to do Ben's second nebulization of the day for his Asthma. We always do one each morning ( only 1 med; very fast), but at this time of year we have to do more. His Asthma is triggered by the pollen, so we're currently up to 3 neb.s a day with 2 med.s each time. It takes 20 minutes for the med.s to be nebulized each time! Talk about taking a chunk out of the day!!! But we sorta consider being able to breathe a good cause... :-)

This was followed by another quick wardrobe change back into the "nice" clothes from this morning. Then another quick (and mandatory) potty break and back into the van.

2:15 - This time we were racing the clock to get to the middle school in time to see the second assembly that Daddy's percussion ensemble and the two high school indoor guards did for the middle school kids. You can tell I thought we were pressed for time b/c I actually abandoned my camera in the van for this one. It makes it easier to pick up Ellie (all 38? lbs.) and RUN while coaxing/yelling at Ben to keep up. We actually made it in plenty of time and enjoyed the performances greatly. We hadn't seen the guards yet this year, and they were wonderful! Ellie of course LOVED them - dancing, fancy costumes, pretty music, twirling flags...what's not to love?!?

As a side note, the top guard (there are three) is considered a World Class guard. They competed in Ohio at Nationals three weeks ago and placed FOURTH in the country! Pretty cool, eh?!? It's seriously a different beast than the indoor guard that was around when I was in high school! I digress...

3:20 - So after the performances, we rushed to beat the buses out but stopped long enough for the kids to climb onto one of the empty buses and have a quick look around. We returned home for about an hour and a half of quiet play time while I answered a mere 1500 questions from the mortgage company about refinancing.

5:00 - Off to meet Daddy for pizza at our favorite little joint, Brothers Pizza. I could have kicked myself for suggesting that Benjamin wear his flip-flops. It seemed like a good idea at the time, since Ellie had apparently taken his socks off (don't ask!), and I wasn't up for the struggle of getting him to put them back on, untie his shoes and re-tie his shoes. The only problem is that when your feet don't touch the floor, say while you're sitting in a booth at a restaurant, your flip-flops perpetually FALL OFF! This of course, requires that you repeatedly dive head first under the the table to retrieve them...and well, you can see where this tale is going...

6:15 - Home for showers and a third 20 minute nebulization and books (read loudly enough that they can be heard over the whir of the nebulizer).

7:22 - Prayers, good night kisses, promises of a skirt tomorrow...Everyone's in bed and down at least until 6:00 a.m. God willing. Let's pray that the three neb.s today will keep Ben comfortable until morning. We haven't been so lucky the last three nights.

You know what just struck me about that last paragraph? After you have kids, "everyone" doesn't mean "everyone" anymore. It sort of becomes "everyone that I am responsible for." :-)

Happy weekend to All! I'm heading to bed!!!!!

Huh! The word "nebulizer" is not in the spellcheck! (It has mobilizer and nebulous...and even suggested Belize...ha!) You can imagine how nuts I made it with all of my abbreviations and conjugations... :-)

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  1. As a former guardswoman (?!), let me congratulate Ellie on her excellent taste! --Erin