Friday, April 17, 2009

Disney on Ice!

Wednesday evening, we went to see Disney on Ice with our friends, the Sobers. It was a super fun way to celebrate Morgan's second birthday! I was MOST excited about being able to just tag along with the Sobers, who have gone to many more shows at Hershey than we have! This took so much of the stress out of the evening for me; I didn't have to worry about what time to leave or anything else. All we had to do was follow! What a gift!!!! :-)

Shauna, Ken and the girls came over for pizza before we left. We rounded up the rather excited troops for one last potty run before heading out. Somehow, I got princess duty, and let me tell ya, Lauren's dress is no picnic in the bathroom!!! I felt like a true Lady in Waiting! :-)

Lauren has been to see Disney on Ice before, and Shauna had never agreed to let her dress up. This time, she gave in. Luckily she gave me a heads up a week or two ago, and I was able to round up some borrowed costumes for Ben and Ellie. Thanks, Corey and Sam!

"Woody" used his holster to carry his harmonica instead of a pistol. He was in rare form on the 30 minute trip to the Giant Center. We listened to a Disney CD on the way there to "get in the mood." Ben was either asking questions incessantly or playing his harmonica along to the music. :-) "Who is that singing? Why did he say that? Why does he like her? Who is that now? Why? What are guys laughing about?" On and on and on... Did I mention it is a 30 minute drive?

About 10 minutes down the road, Jim proclaimed that I would be sitting next to Benjamin for the show. :-)

LOVE this picture of Lauren and Morgan! We met Ken and Shauna in our prenatal class before Ben and Lauren were's funny the places in life that you meet good friends...

A RARE photo with the whole Weaver family! Any photography friends have some tricks to pass along about getting rid of the glasses glare? I tried burning it out, but that just made him look like someone had shot him in the eye! :-) It seems like there should be something I can do, since it's in such isolated places and not a close-up... Suggestions welcomed!!!

Could this hat (or the boy wearing it) be any cuter????

Ben was noticed and pointed at relentlessly while we were at the show. There were many princesses in attendance, but he was the only Woody we saw. Kids and parents, alike, would say to each other, "Look! There's Woody!" By intermission, when one little boy dragged his daddy over to see Woody up close, Ben was feeling comfortable enough in his role that he actually took his hat off, smiled, and waved to the boy! I'm not kidding!!! A performer in the making...

Ellie's favorite moment of the entire show...Jim said that she squeezed his hand VERY tightly when Belle skated out. :-)

We changed the kids into their jammies in the van before heading home. Ellie was asleep before we got home (a few minutes after 10), and Ben fell asleep as soon as his head hit the did Jim and I.

Ellie wants to know if we can go again today...

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