Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Months!

It's hard to believe that our little boy has had his glasses for almost two months now! This (getting glasses) was our only new medical adventure this winter. And as far as medical adventures go, it has been a piece of cake!

Everything from making the first appointment to adjusting to the glasses was smooth. This is certainly a welcomed change of pace in our household!

I obviously knew that the glasses would change the look of his little face, but I didn't expect all of the variations that they provide. When he wears them properly and his hair is in place, the glasses give him quite a studious, mature, and handsome air. When he pulls them down his nose, his hair is tussled, and the lenses are smeared he gets an "absent-minded professor" thing going on. This is the look he frequently demonstrates when I pick him up from pre-school. :-)

Since he has to wear his glasses full time, we opted to get the Transitions lenses instead of having to juggle sun glasses too. We still haven't decided if we'll do it again next year or not. I'm sure the summer will help us figure it out.

From a photography point of view, the Transitions are a real bummer, since I can never get a good outside picture of him with his glasses on. Here's a semi-decent one I stumbled upon from a quick trip to our park a few weeks ago. I like it because it's a genuine Ben smile (augmented by the embedded zipper "scar" on his cheek), and you can sort of make out his eyes through the darkened lenses.

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