Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lily!

The baby of the family, Lily Mae Weaver, is ONE today! It hardly seems possible! Her mommy and daddy threw her quite the bash yesterday to celebrate. You know me, any time there's a gathering - large or small - is a good time to take pictures!!

Look at my Big Boy off doin' his own thing. He could almost pass for 6 or 7 in this picture... He was in Independent Mode yesterday afternoon, bopping around visiting with "strangers" and working the crowd. He made a point of stopping off to mention to one of Uncle Dave's friends (whom he probably hasn't seen in three years) that he just got a new basketball net. Apparently, he thought this "random man" needed to know that! Every now and then the "social bug" hits...

Corey is the unlucky subject of many of my experimental shots, since she is old enough to take a bit more direction than the other cousins. I only took three shots of her in the arbor, and you should have heard the huffing and puffing! :-)

Here's the Birthday Girl, all business in the back yard. To date, I believe Lily has taken three steps on her own. So she's in that lovely phase where WALKING consumes her every thought. I bet not a single Smith will need more than a second to know whose hands she's holding... Hmmmm, well-manicured nails, stylish jewelry, trendy shoes...this is a hard one! Could it be? Yes, it's Aunt Dottie, of course!!! :-)

Ellie attended her very first ballet class earlier in the afternoon. She was SO excited that I believe the "post-ballet-let-down" contributed to her fatigue and slight crankiness at the party. Every so often, she would perk up when she realized there was someone else that she hadn't filled in on the details of her dance class, and she'd scurry off to find them. Here, she's sitting with Pop-Pop telling him all about rolling like a pencil and learning to curtsy.

And THIS shot just takes the cake...ha! Nikki's mom made this cake for Lily just as she had for Nikki and her brother when they each turned one. Lily picked at some of the chocolate chips and kissed the bear but never got too into the cake-eating. I just think this picture is absolutely adorable - nothing like being the center of your parents' world! I wonder how old Lily will be when she looks over at the camera for the first time, rolls her eyes, and says,"Daaaaad! Get that thing out of my face!" :-)

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