Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everyone Loves a Parade!

Yesterday was our pre-school's Easter Hat Parade. Of course, due to morning temp.s around Easter time in south-central PA, the parade is ALWAYS held in the gym. Ben's class came in first. The girls were thrilled to be showing off their Easter hats and festive attire. The boys pretty much could have cared less! :-) It never ceases to amaze me, having grown up with only a sister, what a difference there is between girls and boys from such and early age!!!! In this picture, Ben was momentarily excited merely to have found Mommy, Nana, Pop-Pop and "Granny" Kay in the hoard of parents.
THIS was the expression that he wore for most of the event. It was Ben's idea to wear his tie, but we had to make a deal. In order to wear it, he had to let me take it with me after the parade. It's his Easter tie for this weekend, and I was not at all comfortable with him crafting and snacking in it!

Some of you may recognize the hat from last year when I was frantically soliciting creative ideas. Yep, we got two years out of the it...even though I had to hot glue the ears again during breakfast. :-)
See what I mean?!? It's not just him! It's the testosterone taking over. Is it just me or could these be the same exact expressions of four men waiting for their wives or girlfriends to try on clothing?!?!?
Then came Ellie's class. In this picture, you can see some of her classmates bailing on the "single file line parade thing" just as they come in the door! :-) Not Ellie, though. She was commanding chuckles from around the room as she was the only student to continuously do her "princess wave." (I don't she had quite gotten her waving hand warmed up yet in this shot...)
This is most of her class minus one...I think that's his elbow on the left. Oops! ...and she's still waving after two laps around the gym and then lining up for a photo op.
The little boy standing next to Ellie seems to be the object of her affection. His family goes to our church, and she likes to sing about seeing him at church and how it makes her happy! I'm not kidding. At least she has good taste... For the parade, he wore what Ellie calls a "train ducker" hat. :-)After the parade my neighbor friend, Kay, and I went to breakfast. We go out together once a month, and I greatly enjoy hearing her tales of her adventure-packed 82 years! I always tell her that when I grow up I want to be her. What an amazing lady! I wish I had thought to have someone take our picture together... Next time!

Public Service Announcement: Elaine tells me that anyone can enlarge the posted pictures simply by clicking on them. I still have to figure out how to get them to post slightly larger...again, don't hold your breath. :-)

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  1. that picture of all the boys lined up with blank stares makes me laugh!! :)