Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sequins are a Girl's Best Friend

While helping Ellie to get changed into her bathing suit for some backyard sprinkler fun yesterday, she was listing all of the wonderful reasons that this bathing suit is her favorite of all of the numerous hand-me-downs.

"It has butterflies and a tutu (ruffly skirt) and pink and even these little circles!"
(Doesn't it sound just...gorgeous?!?)
"Those are called sequins. See how they shine? They're pretty neat, aren't they?"
"Oh. We have that game!"

Moment of silence for Super Mommy Brain Translation...
"No. That game is called Se-quence. These are se-quins."
"Oh! That's the company that made it."

Repeat explanation with slightly different wording...
Repeat response...with slightly different wording...
"Yeah, that must be the name of the company!"

Okay............abort! Abort! No possible good could come from pushing this explanation further, only mere frustration to all parties.

"We better hurry up! Daddy and Ben are waiting for you!"

1 comment:

  1. ha ha... i have been there so many times... and usually i just drop it too!! :)