Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jones Easter Pics

Easter morning...after finding all the eggs, the next official step is to carefully sort, count, and COMPARE all candy.

Once all treasures were deemed equal, we QUICKLY ate breakfast, got ready for church, packed for the day and jumped in the van. We headed down to Gram and Poppy's after Mass. I was really hoping to get some good pictures of my parents with all four grandchildren...but that didn't happen. :-) Maybe when they're all over the age of, say...8. I'll keep trying!

Ben spent a lot of time FLYING around the house on Caroline's new tricycle...that she doesn't yet know how to pedal. When we finally told him he HAD to slow down, Ellie piped in with, "But Colin is chasing him!" (Colin would be their 8 mo. old cousin...)

Here's Ben with his new little friend Chompy, the Alligator.

After lunch the cousins (minus Colin) headed outside for an egg hunt. That was hysterical! Ben was rather good at it, but the girls acted as if they were blindfolded! :-) They would be within two feet of an egg, then suddenly turn and run the other way. I think they weren't completely grasping the "look down" concept... I dunno, but it made for good entertainment!

Here they are surveying their loot...

"Look, Mommy! I got a poin!"

Caroline decided that her loot was best kept on a rock...perhaps b/c it was out of the reach of her cousins. It took her a long time to open all of her eggs, since each egg was narrated something like this. "I got a coin(or choc-o-late egg). I will put it on this nice coin (or egg) rock." Rather neat and orderly, this one! :-)

What a fun day! Now all we have to do is survive the chocolate rush for the next month!!!

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  1. Love the pictures, Becky! I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Is that your parents' house? Beautiful!