Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Glue Day

So as I'm sure most other parents of pre-schoolers have from time to time, today was a Super Glue Day. We accrue pieces of toys, decorations, and other things that are in need of a visit by the Super Glue Fairy in the sacred location on the kitchen counter next to the microwave. Usually the pile includes a broken airplane wing, toy truck parts, tiny trash can/dumpster pieces...that sort of thing.

Among this week's casualties was this lovely Willowtree statue. When I saw it lying in this position, it made me laugh out loud! I can almost hear the child's sobs and the mommy angel saying, "Huh. He was holding my hands a second ago..." It's not quite the serene pose that Willowtree intended, but I think there just may be a market for this sort of thing...

Ahh, the things that get me through my day!

Oh! And quick Ben quote from Sunday:

The set-up, first...The kids have been working on befriending our cat, who only cares for me. They get so excited when he allows them to get close to him or seems to give them the time of day. We've been working on not "cornering" him so that he gets nervous when they both descend upon him with affection.

Sunday, Timmy (the cat) was pawing at the front door when we were outside. The kids decided to try to let him out, which we do sometimes. They were both standing in front of him coaxing him incessantly while I held the door open. Ben then abruptly moved to the other side of the porch and said, "Ellie, I think Timmy feels angled. Come over here."

When I asked, he agreed that he meant "cornered." :-)

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