Friday, April 10, 2009

"I'll take 'Geography and Eggs' for 800, Alex."

This morning at breakfast, Benjamin was asking about Italy. He had seen the article on the morning news about the recent earthquake there, and this is a watered down version of the conversation that followed.
"Mommy, someday can we go to Italy?"
"Sure, someday. We'll have to take a plane. It's pretty far away."

Then we looked at the globe together that just happened to be sitting on the floor next to the kitchen table (don't ask...I have NO idea why!)

"See? This is where Italy is."
"Mommy, now can you show me where the country Side is?"

I had to have him repeat that, and then I took a moment to compose myself while choking on my cereal. I took a deep breath and launched into an attempted explanation of what "the countryside" actually is. No one can say our breakfast conversation is dull!

A few weeks ago, Benjamin started talking about how we always go to Nana and Pop-Pop's to dye eggs. (We haven't done that since he was four months old!) So, of course, this afternoon we went to Nana and Pop-Pop's to dye Easter eggs..."just like always!" The kids had fun with the plain old dye, but they LOVED the glitter paint that was to be applied after the initial dying. Of course the idea was to embellish with the glitter. Yeah, right. Not when you're in pre-school!!!! I'm not quite sure why we even bothered to dye the eggs initially... Hopefully they'll dry by Sunday!

After the globbing of the glitter, Ben stayed briefly to put face stickers on an egg. Ellie, however, stuck around for a loooong time "dressing up" her eggs. One pack of dye that Nana got came with face and sunglasses stickers, little felt hats, and cardboard stands that looked like outfits. Ellie was in pre-school girl heaven! I'm a little concerned about how she'll take it when it's time to crack them!

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